Master of Enrollment with Bill Baren

On this complimentary telecall, you’ll learn:

*My most powerful formula for leading prospective clients to “YES” – it works anytime, anywhere. Whether you are in a one-on-one consultation …. leading a teleseminar…. or speaking on a stage. (This is the true key to being a master of enrollment)
*How to turn the dreaded response of “I can’t afford it” into the perfect opportunity for you to close the sale right on the spot
*Is fear of rejection the #1 thing stopping you from getting clients? I’ll show you a simple fear-busting technique you can use right away. You’ll feel much more comfortable talking to people about fees and inviting them to work with you
* A proven 5-step system for making money and enrolling new clients through teleminars and speaking engagements (and if you’ve never done a teleseminar or speaking engagement, this will make it easy for you to get started)
*My super easy method that you can use during free consultations that can DOUBLE the number of prospective clients who hire you

If you would like to have more clients say YES to hiring you, you’re going to love these strategies Bill Baren shared with Adela Rubio.

Energizing a Vibrant, Visionary Business with Soleira and Santari Green

Bring your business alive. Give it zing. Call others to it by energizing who you are and what you’re up to. Make a difference in all that you do. Tune into your business as an energetic consciousness and let it guide your creations. Fulfill your visions through an amazing, energized, new paradigm business that wows the world.

Soleira & Santari Green are visionary entrepreneurs who co-founded the Visionary Network, for coaches and trainers.

The 9 Principles of Change with Ariane de Bonoisin

Take a look around your world and notice the one constant: CHANGE! Whether you like it or you hate it, it doesn’t really matter. Change is life, life is change. It’s engineered into your DNA, it shifts the way you view the world. Inevitably, it propels you into uncharted territory. Let’s explore the 9 principles that will transform change from foe to friend.

Ariane is an author, speaker and TV/radio personality.

Mastering Your Inner Game with Adela Rubio

Your ability to bring your vision to life is totally dependent on marshaling your inner forces and aligning them with your creative essence. We’ll explore how to shift your energy consciously by using resistance, judgment and assumptions as transformative agents. We’ll engage the potential of your problems and bring your business essence to life. Adela Rubio, Conscious Business Mentor and Expert Tribe Builder.


Charge What You Deserve with Tom Buford

Charge What You Deserve Business Model Makeover. If you are a coach, trainer, or other holistic service professional then you are about to discover how to make client attraction and charging what you deserve easy by creating a simple business model that is in “flow” with both you and your marketplace.

Tom Buford has been a self-employed service professional for the past 14 years. His clients have been able to double their fees and attract more clients than ever before.

3 Keys to Making Millions by Making a Difference with Suzanne Evans

Are you a slave to marketing? Are you marketing but not getting the results? Learn the 3 keys to making millions by making a difference.

Suzanne Evans has a passion for teaching Helpingpreneurs to help more people, make more money, and enjoy more freedom. Suzanne is most commonly referred to as an “action expert”. She created a private coaching practice with over 40 clients in one year, launched three businesses in a four-month timeframe, and took her business from 0 to $1 Million in just over three years. Most helping professionals going through one of Suzanne’s programs increase their income by $2,000-$5,000 a month in 4-6 months.

Transcend Your Fears of Finding Your Purpose with Krista Jones and Isabel Viana

PhotobucketThink of the moment when you knew you were meant to do something special. You may not have been exactly sure what that looked like but you were certain you had a calling. Did you get lost in the scramble to bring your dream to life? Are you still missing pieces to your vision . . . the ones you need to build your business? If you’ve been holding back on going for your dream, then you’ll want to register for this call. Stoke the fire of your passion into a blaze that is ready to come to life now!

Krista Scott and Isabel Viana are the founders of Your Outer Purpose, a business that helps solopreneurs align their spiritual beliefs with their professional and personal lives.

Transcend Your Fears with Krista Scott and Isabel Viana


Why Love Heals with Dr. Dean Shrock

PhotobucketThe Science of Love with Dr. Dean Shrock
Dr. Dean Schrock is an expert in guided imagery, and served as Director of Mind-Body Medicine for a physician’s management group of 40 cancer centers. Here he developed and researched a program which he taught to thousands of cancer patients and their families. His book, Doctor’s Orders: Go Fishing details this program and the insights he gained while teaching it. We will be discusing his new book, Why Love Heals, and the truth of “all you need is love…”


Why Love Heals with Dr. Dean Shrock