The Feel Good Guide to Prosperity in Business and in Life with Eva Gregory

Have you long for, dreamed of or wished for more success in your business? Do you want more money, more prosperity, more success? We all want prosperity and success, whatever that looks like for us. The Feel Good Guide to Prosperity, is a radical approach to prosperity and success: it doesn’t have to be hard […]

Why High Profile People Sabotage Themselves by Cheating with Colin Tipping

In the wake of the Tiger Woods affair, it is interested to ponder why people like Woods, Bill Clinton, Mark Sanford, Eliott Spitzer and many other celebrities, politicians, executives and other highly successful individuals use infidelity as a way to sabotage themselves just when they are at the top of their game. Colin Tipping is […]

Discover How Self-Love is Key to Mastering Your Inner and Outer Game with Dr Dean Shrock

Self-love has the power to improve all areas of your life. Discover why self-love is critical for your success and happiness. You will find his amazing journey to understand quantum physics, and the power of your thoughts and beliefs to be revolutionary and inspiring. When you ‘get’ self love you not only begin to attract […]

The Heart of Authentic Business

. Do you find that you mostly rely on your intellect for the choices around your business? Well you’re only using a fraction of your innate wisdom then. The brain is only one aspect of your built-in intelligence. The heart actually has a mini brain that provides access to heart intelligence. Stop using only your […]

The Power of Authenticity: Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken with Mike Robbins

Let’s explore why it can be hard to be authentic. What are the familial, cultural, business, and personal influences, thoughts, and fears that make it difficult for you to do and say what is true for you, or lead you to believe that who you are is not good enough. Mike shares his simple, yet […]

Value and the Money Myth with Mattison Gray

What keeps us from accomplishing the impossible is not our mind, or our thoughts but our perception of our value and the myth about money. Explore the mis-perceptions about money and what you mistakenly think about your value. Once you see these things things clearly then you can take them on and truly create value […]

Six Simple Questions to Transform Overwhelm, Frustration or Turmoil in Minutes with Mary Allen

Stress, overwhelm and frustration don’t need to be a part of your everyday life, and it’s costing you productivity, creativity and profitability. By mastering six simple questions you can create fresh momentum in a moment or transform inner turmoil in minutes. If you consider yourself a “conscious achiever,” don’t miss this call. Mary Allen America‚Äôs […]