Big Book of You with Jennifer McLean

Big Book of You with Jennifer McLean compares and explores the light and the dark of who we are. If we are all one then we are all that we see before us both “good” and “bad”. In other words, “You are all there is.”

Why focus your energy on what’s not true.Experience how to practically implement spiritual principles to create your life and accept ‘what is.’

On this call, you’ll experience the special blend of intuitive skill and energetic mastery that is Jennifer McLean:

• Clear old, unwanted beliefs, and thoughts that get stuck in the body as emotions that limit your expression and human potential
• How to discern between the voice of love and the illusion of the ego and create openings instead of limitations
• Create still points in your world and find the opportunities for healing and resolution of your life issues.

Jennifer will also share some experiential processes to shift awareness and change perspectives in relationships and dealing with emotions. We’ll cover as much as possible in this hour!

Join us for an extraordinary call where we’ll explore how to unleash your inner brilliance and embody the power of your true essence, so that you can collaborate with life, instead of resisting it!

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