Build Your Tribe with a Facebook Fan Page with Michele Scism

I’m sure you’re already onboard with Facebook, the most powerful and high traffic social media platform. But, how are you leveraging your Facebook Fan Page to increase visibility, attract true fans and drive targeted traffic to your website?

Before we dive into that let me give you just ONE more reason to create your own Fan Page: if your market, or tribe, consists of women, you’ll want to know that there are about 50 million women on Facebook. Statistics show that 85% of buying decisions are made by women. So why wouldn’t you create a powerful presence on Facebook? Fan pages are that platform!

Ok, so you’ve taken the dive, you’re on Facebook, you’re posting on your Wall, but you may not really be clear on the why and the what of a Facebook Fan Page. Michele Scism, leading authoring on social media and founder of Decisive Minds, spelled it all out for us on today’s interview. Here are some highlights …

  • Are you confused about whether to create a fan page or a group? A group is a community (i.e. gardeners), great for gathering like minded folks and sharing information and creating discussions. However you can’t personalize or change pages and they do have a size limitation. On a Fan Page (i.e., gardening center) not only can you share tips and host discussions, but you can also install applications that allow you to customize your pages for your unique visitors. How cool is that!
  • Why a Facebook Fan Page? All search engines love Facebook. If you optimize your Fan Page with keywords it’ll get you on the first pages of Google, whereas it might be lots harder to get that positioning with your own website. They’re easy to share with a vanity url (customized, easy to remember name). Check out Michele’s blog post on how to get your own vanity url. You can also create related events and invitations.
  • How do you create a Facebook Fan Page? Here’s the link to create your Fan Page. Remember to include your keywords (think …what would people type into Google to find you) in the title of your Page.
  • How do you customize your Facebook Fan Page? Add the FBML application to your page. Like the FBML page first, and then click on the link in the left hand column ‘Add to my Page.’
  • What elements should you include on your Fan Page? In this order: A welcome page letting folks know what they need to do now that they’ve liked your page, an opt-in page for your free giveaway, a shop tab for your products (you’ll need to add the Payvment application). Even add an additional page to attract affiliates! (This idea suggested by Bhimi Cayce)
  • How often and what should I post on my Facebook Fan Page? A 1 hour daily investment will create exponential results. Share information that is pertinent to your market: related articles, quotes, or event announcements. Another great idea is to host contests. Michele gives away a copy of her book for 5 referrals to her Fan Page. The goal is to generate a connection and conversation.
  • Can you share a social media tip that will boost business? Focus on relationship marketing, not push marketing. Create connection with people first. The primary reason that people use social media is to build relationships. Once folks know, like and trust you they’re much more open to hear about your products and services.

A Facebook Fan Page is a long term strategy that delivers extraordinary results. If you’re ready to get started and would like to be guided through the process, check out Michele’s Virtual Day Training on Facebook and Linked In. There’s an irresistible offer and extraordinary bonuses!

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