LIFT – Build It Like You Mean It and Show Yourself What It Means to Really Be Conscious About Your Business with Alexis Martin Neely

ALEXIS MARTIN NEELY Master Business Strategist Are you sabotaging your business because you are not treating it like a real business? Are you avoiding, because it feels icky and complicated, the Legal, Insurance, Financial, and Tax structures that make up the foundation of a thriving, profitable, and secure business entity? Are you putting everything at […]

How to Create a Profitable Business Empire Using Credibility Branding with Jennifer McLean

JENNIFER MCLEAN Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker We’ll take a look at what you love (even if it is a hobby) and show you how to generate income—LOTS of income. And we’ll discuss how to create a product from NOTHING, how to build a list and drive traffic. Create multiple streams of income (NO Multi-Level Marketing) and […]

Boost Your Business with a Blog: How to Use a Professional Blog to Turn Prospects into Clients

DENISE WAKEMAN You don’t have to be a techie, a marketing genius, or a writer to benefit from a blog. Having an effective business blog can boost your visibility on the web which translates to more traffic, leads, clients, speaking gigs and more opportunities. Implementing a few key tactics, your blog can be a powerful […]

The Energy of Money: The 3 Most Important Steps You Must Take to Master the Art of Making Money While Doing What You Love with Melanie Yost

Do you feel like there is a river of money flowing out of your bank account and only a trickle finding its way in? You are definitely not alone. Many healers and service-oriented business owners struggle with a love/hate relationship with money. Money, like everything else in creation, is energy. Your thoughts about it and […]

Fire Your Webmaster w/ Christina Hills

Build Your Website with Cristina Hills. In the old days, you hired a webmaster, they held all your files and materials on THEIR computer, worked in Dreamweaver (or some other similar program) and then uploaded the pages to the web hosting company. All YOUR stuff was STUCK on their computer. Christina will share her expertise […]

Blogging Jumpstart: Recapture Your Blogging Zing with Nina East

Has blogging lost its zing for you? Are you new to blogging and looking for a strong start on the mechanics and the mindset? Join us for a conversation on: What to write about to keep your readers coming back for more Where to find juicy topics your audience, and search engines, will love Creating […]

Why Won’t They Buy? 3 Simple Secrets To Selling Your Expertise Online with Michele PW

MICHELE PW (PARIZA WACEK) Copywriter and Marketing Consultant Learn how to write websites and emails that sell, attract clients and customers that you REALLY want to work with, get your product or service out in the world in a REALLY BIG way and learn the secret of those 6 figure launches and blow your sales […]

The Five Fatal Marketing Mistakes People Make When Selling Online with Christina Hills

CHRISTINA HILLS Ecommerce & WordPress Expert Christina will walk walking you through the common mistakes that people make when starting an online business and selling your products and or services through your website. With visual references (lots of pictures) this call will be aimed at the non techie person who wants to understand the big […]