Energizing a Vibrant, Visionary Business with Soleira and Santari Green

Bring your business alive. Give it zing. Call others to it by energizing who you are and what you’re up to. Make a difference in all that you do. Tune into your business as an energetic consciousness and let it guide your creations. Fulfill your visions through an amazing, energized, new paradigm business that wows […]

3 Keys to Making Millions by Making a Difference with Suzanne Evans

Are you a slave to marketing? Are you marketing but not getting the results? Learn the 3 keys to making millions by making a difference. Suzanne Evans has a passion for teaching Helpingpreneurs to help more people, make more money, and enjoy more freedom. Suzanne is most commonly referred to as an “action expert”. She […]

Sourcing a Conscious Visionary Business with Soleira Green

Visionary businesses start from vision and soar on passions. They are playgrounds for the abundance of Life to show up in, as they contribute to the world as a whole. Beyond marketing strategies, this is about the true, powerful, passionate reason you’re in business and the great contribution you get to make as a result […]

The Copycat Entrepreneur with Ellen Britt

Ever find you model yourself after the latest ‘successful entrepreneur’ only to find that what works for them won’t necessarily work for you? That’s the thing about being an entrepreneur, it’s your unique viewpoint and experience that create a breakthrough way of being in business. Bring your authentic self to the plate and you’re sure […]

The Quest for a Heroic Business with Chris Cade

No matter who we are, where we come from, or how we’ve lived, we have three things in common: A Beginning. A Middle. And an End. It’s called life – and it’s also a story. Discover how to create an empowering story to transform and guide yourself and your business to prosperity. Chris Cade is […]

Stop Marketing and Start a Movement With Suzanne Evans

Are you a slave to marketing? Are you marketing but not getting the results? Learn the 3 keys to making millions by making a difference. Suzanne Evans is a marketing and mindset expert that build a half-million dollar coaching business in under three years and she did it in her spare time while working a […]

The Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here with Steve Bhaerman

The problems we see worldwide are indications that we are on the cusp of the greatest adventure of all time: Conscious evolution of our species into a new organism called Humanity. Explore the new, positive and optimistic view of our destiny, based on modern science and ancient wisdom. Steve Bhaerman is co-author (with Bruce Lipton) […]

The Conscious Business Model: How to Partner Powerfully and Profitably by Aligning Meaning, Message and Markets with Adela Rubio

Competition is out, collaboration is in. The new business model for Conscious Business Leaders™ is now online. Just like the human body is comprised of organized intelligence, this new business model is dynamic, connective, collaborative and ever evolving. Toss out your blueprint and hang onto your scaffolding. Consciousness is expanding and a glorious adventure beckons. […]

Mastermind Secrets of Conscious Entrepreneurs w/ Karyn Greenstreet

Masterminds Secrets for Conscious Entrepeners with Karyn Greenstreet. Whether it’s 12 Step Programs, Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig, the power to achieve in a group, what is difficult to accomplish individually, is impossible to deny. This is the principle of a Mastermind Group and successful Conscious Entrepreneurs know that they are essential to turbo charge […]

Unleash Your Conscious Entrepreneur w/ Kathleen Gage

No matter where you turn, fear rules the day when it comes to the economy. However, there are a select few who thrive no matter what the external circumstances. What if this time of economic uncertainty were actually an extraordinary opportunity for you to create a meaningful and profitable, life changing business? Join the ranks […]