How to Quickly Release Obstacles to Your Business and Find Your True Gifts with Jennifer McLean

Your business reflects the energy of your life. If you are stuck in your business there is an opportunity to use that as a point of access to explore what is ready to be released and open your business to the flow of creativity and manifestation—AND to move within to really feel and sense your […]

CNN Called: How to Set Up Your Coaching Business So the Media Contacts You with Suzanne Falter Barnes

. Recent studies show that 79% of all major media find their resources and story ideas from blogs and the Internet. So, yes, the major media really will call you… but only if your web presence has instant credibility and the ability to stand out from the crowded pack. Suzanne Falter Barnes, best selling self-help […]

The Biggest Mistakes Healers, Coaches and Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs Make with Money and How to Avoid Them with Heather Dominick

Discover the secret to creating a healthy relationship with money, one free from fear and doubt that will help you confidently trust that you will always have enough. Heather will also describe how she successfully tripled her business and income three years in a row. Heather Dominick, EnergyRICH® Entrepreneur Success and Master Coach.