Sourcing a Conscious Visionary Business with Soleira Green

Visionary businesses start from vision and soar on passions. They are playgrounds for the abundance of Life to show up in, as they contribute to the world as a whole. Beyond marketing strategies, this is about the true, powerful, passionate reason you’re in business and the great contribution you get to make as a result […]

The Copycat Entrepreneur with Ellen Britt

Ever find you model yourself after the latest ‘successful entrepreneur’ only to find that what works for them won’t necessarily work for you? That’s the thing about being an entrepreneur, it’s your unique viewpoint and experience that create a breakthrough way of being in business. Bring your authentic self to the plate and you’re sure […]

The Quest for a Heroic Business with Chris Cade

No matter who we are, where we come from, or how we’ve lived, we have three things in common: A Beginning. A Middle. And an End. It’s called life – and it’s also a story. Discover how to create an empowering story to transform and guide yourself and your business to prosperity. Chris Cade is […]

The Hidden Treasure Behind Your True Fans – How to Earn Six Figures with a Three-Figure List with Julia Stewart

Succeed with your conscious business now, not later. Use relationships, not ‘selling’, to succeed. Be yourself, not some slick phony – and still make more money! Build a following of people who know, like and trust you and watch your business soar. Julia Stewart, Founder School of Coaching Mastery.

Stop Marketing and Start a Movement With Suzanne Evans

Are you a slave to marketing? Are you marketing but not getting the results? Learn the 3 keys to making millions by making a difference. Suzanne Evans is a marketing and mindset expert that build a half-million dollar coaching business in under three years and she did it in her spare time while working a […]

The Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here with Steve Bhaerman

The problems we see worldwide are indications that we are on the cusp of the greatest adventure of all time: Conscious evolution of our species into a new organism called Humanity. Explore the new, positive and optimistic view of our destiny, based on modern science and ancient wisdom. Steve Bhaerman is co-author (with Bruce Lipton) […]

How to Quickly Release Obstacles to Your Business and Find Your True Gifts with Jennifer McLean

Your business reflects the energy of your life. If you are stuck in your business there is an opportunity to use that as a point of access to explore what is ready to be released and open your business to the flow of creativity and manifestation—AND to move within to really feel and sense your […]

Build Your Platform with the Power of Partnerships and Experiential Online Events with Adela Rubio

There are loads of ways to build your platform, but nothing will create a viral effect for your following like engaging an aligned community eager for your solutions and partnering with others to turbo speed your reach. Adela Rubio, Conscious Business Mentor and Expert Tribe Builder.  

The Conscious Business Model: How to Partner Powerfully and Profitably by Aligning Meaning, Message and Markets with Adela Rubio

Competition is out, collaboration is in. The new business model for Conscious Business Leaders™ is now online. Just like the human body is comprised of organized intelligence, this new business model is dynamic, connective, collaborative and ever evolving. Toss out your blueprint and hang onto your scaffolding. Consciousness is expanding and a glorious adventure beckons. […]

LIFT – Build It Like You Mean It and Show Yourself What It Means to Really Be Conscious About Your Business with Alexis Martin Neely

ALEXIS MARTIN NEELY Master Business Strategist Are you sabotaging your business because you are not treating it like a real business? Are you avoiding, because it feels icky and complicated, the Legal, Insurance, Financial, and Tax structures that make up the foundation of a thriving, profitable, and secure business entity? Are you putting everything at […]