Timing Your Business for Abundant Profits and Outrageous Success with Madeline Gerwick

MADELINE GERWICK Business/Personal Astrologer, Speaker, Author The Wall Street Journal reported that 1400 businesses, which all started under the same astrological cycle, all went bankrupt! This talk will open your eyes to the unseen cycles of daily life shown by the sacred cycles of astrology. Discover how J.P. Morgan and Walt Disney used astrological timing […]

How to Become the Top Expert in Your Field by Becoming a Media Personality with Lama Tantrapa

LAMA TANTRAPA Founder of the Academy of Qi Dao Who wouldn’t want to be pitched into the very center of their field to become the “go-to person” everyone knows and respects? If you learn to ride the wave of the Web 2.0 media revolution, now you’ll have a unique, yet brief opportunity to position yourself […]

The New Paradigm of Public Speaking: How Brain Research Is Going to Help Us Change the World with Lizabeth Phelps

LIZABETH PHELPS Brain-Sticky Communications Expert We are carrying ancient cultural influences into our speaking and presenting that negatively impact our businesses and reputations–but more importantly, fail to change the world. As we move into a new time, with bigger and bigger missions, these influences must go–to be replaced by a new, sometimes uncomfortable, way. WARNING: […]

How to Authentically Connect with Your Readers AND Make Money with an Ezine with Linda Clare Puig

LINDA CLAIRE PUIG Newsletter & Done For You Expert A regular, consistent newsletter is a proven tool that can make all the difference between struggling in a 5-figure business to thriving in a 6-figure or more business. Discover how to easily create and use newsletters that positively influence the lives of your readers (and the […]

How to Create a Profitable Business Empire Using Credibility Branding with Jennifer McLean

JENNIFER MCLEAN Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker We’ll take a look at what you love (even if it is a hobby) and show you how to generate income—LOTS of income. And we’ll discuss how to create a product from NOTHING, how to build a list and drive traffic. Create multiple streams of income (NO Multi-Level Marketing) and […]

Write Your Book as a Big Business Card (And Share Your Message with the World!) with Donna Kozik

DONNA KOZIK Business Book Writing Coach Discover the ins and outs of writing and publishing a book to use as a “big business card,” including what it takes to find the time, determine a winning topic and select a publishing method. In addition, find out the “softer” benefits of having your own book, including how […]

The Little Known Enemy of Entrepreneurs That Kills Your Business Growth with Melanie Benson Strick

MELANIE BENSON STRICK Founder, Get Real Revolution The Little Known Enemy of Entrepreneurs That Kills Your Business Growth The real story behind how too much marketing can cripple your growth and become a PR nightmare Five must-have elements for a business that can easily grow into high six and seven figures What’s missing from 90% […]

5 Secrets To Attracting All The Clients You Need To Create A Soul-Based Business You LOVE with Elizabeth Genco Purvis

ELIZABETH GENCO PURVIS Marketing Goddess The 5 key strategies to authentically market your business, WITHOUT being pushy or sales-y. You’ll walk away with practical tips and action steps to help you attract MORE of the people you’re truly destined to help and receive the income you deserve for your valuable gifts. Elizabeth Genco Purvis, a.k.a. […]

The Feel Good Guide to Prosperity in Business and in Life with Eva Gregory

Have you long for, dreamed of or wished for more success in your business? Do you want more money, more prosperity, more success? We all want prosperity and success, whatever that looks like for us. The Feel Good Guide to Prosperity, is a radical approach to prosperity and success: it doesn’t have to be hard […]

Value and the Money Myth with Mattison Grey

What keeps us from accomplishing the impossible is not our mind, or our thoughts but our perception of our value and the myth about money. Explore the misperceptions about money and what you mistakenly think about your value. Once you see these things things clearly then you can take them on and truly create value […]