Magical Wonders of the Cosmos with Santari Green

Explore the magical side of everything… Ask questions about your world (and the Cosmos!) and gain insight into the nature of who you are. Strengthen your knowing and transform anything in your life. Join us for a magical adventure in consciousness. Santari Green is a modern day Merlin. He dances with our interpretations about what […]

Your Personal Growth is the Heartbeat of Your Business with Nina East

NINA EAST Coach and Founder of Personal Growth Princess Are you headed for heartache or happiness? Conscious business owners don’t just want success – they also want fulfillment. But like most small business owners, they frequently find themselves feeling “behind”, never quite catching up, and believing if they could only just “get ahead of the […]

Quantum Emotion with Soleira and Santari Green

What if emotions were potential rising? In this call Soleira and Santari facilitate the experience of emotions as extraordinary potential. Transform your relationship from at effect to at cause and watch the rocket fuel of emotion power your world. Soleira & Santari Green are visionary entrepreneurs who co-founded the Visionary Network. They believe in doing […]

Sourcing Wild Abundance with Soleira Green

Sourcing Wild Abundance for Yourself and All. Life is naturally abundant … wildly so! Making money can be a magical creation as opposed to a dreary occupation. And the key to it all is to stop trying to achieve personal wealth for the sake of personal success. Energizing Life and abundance for all will bring […]

Surf the Mega Shift Waves of Change with Soliera Green

There are loads of people talking about the big energy shifts we’re experiencing and mostly they’re talking about people being tired, feeling nauseous, dizzy, disoriented, etc. Well, there’s a better way to be with it all … a sourceful, alivening approach to your conscious evolution. Energetic mastery is about being in charge of the energy […]

Self Doubt with Nina East

The problem with most approaches to self-doubt is, at best they are inane, and at worst,they reinforce feelings of self-doubt. Most self-help material on self-doubt suggest strategies that deal focus on surface issues and willpower without going beneath the surface to what’s really going and identifying strategies and keys for growth specific to your signature […]