Live Your Creativity with Vanda Mikoloski

Vanda shares how to incorporate spiritual principles by designing a creative life. As long as you’re alive you have a unique contribution. The degree to which you live in alignment to that contribution, you will experience fulfillment. You’ve read the books and taken the courses. Take the leap and live your creativity and your unique contribution in a way that makes them accessible to others.

Vanda Mikoloski, is a renowned stand-up comic and speaker whose passion is personal growth and development. Vanda’s work is a delightful, irreverent romp down her twisted spiritual path. The concept “enlightenment” is fascinating to her. Vanda’s stand-up comedy deals with the human predicament, inquiring into the nature of being a human being, the trap of it all and the absurdity of it all. She offers powerful spiritual distinctions in a ridiculously funny way that leave the audience empowered, inspired and transformed. She begins by questioning our point of view about our point of view and then challenges many of our spiritual beliefs and beliefs about reality. Many people have reported profound shifts after experiencing Vanda’s stand-up work.

To find out more about Vanda, check out her website Enlighten Up.

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