Marketing Trends for Conscious Entrepreneurs with Adela Rubio

Host & Conscious Business Mentor

There’s a new marketing afoot in the world and it’s authentic, value-driven and engaged. Notice how many entrepreneurs now identify with the labels of soul-centered, heart-centered and conscious entrepreneur. The old ways of push marketing and selling for the numbers are out. Connection, community and relating are in. We’ll explore the top marketing trends you’ll want to ride to a purposeful, passionate AND profitable business!

Adela Rubio is a Conscious Business Mentorâ„¢ and Conscious Tribe builder. Her expertise lies in co-creating dynamic joint ventures and engaged communities as the primary way of getting your message out into the world. She is the Founder of The Conscious Business Telesummit. Adela is a certified Evolutionary Coach, a masterful facilitator and an experienced community leader.

Conscious Business Tribe. Monthly membership program to launch/grow your Conscious Business. Includes access to Conscious Business expert interviews, audio business bytes, and monthly strategy sessions/Q&A to get your business questions answered!

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