5 Secrets To Attracting All The Clients You Need To Create A Soul-Based Business You LOVE with Elizabeth Genco Purvis

Marketing Goddess

The 5 key strategies to authentically market your business, WITHOUT being pushy or sales-y. You’ll walk away with practical tips and action steps to help you attract MORE of the people you’re truly destined to help and receive the income you deserve for your valuable gifts.

Elizabeth Genco Purvis, a.k.a. “The Marketing Goddess” teaches solo business owners how to attract an abundance of clients, income, and satisfaction in their business while staying true to their values. She is the creator of The Abundant Business System, a step-by-step marketing system especially for purpose-driven business owners and conscious entrepreneurs.

The Abundant Business Homestudy System. A simple, streamlined, step-by-step system to authentically attract your choice clients and create an abundance of income, freedom and joy in your soul-based business…so you can live a life on purpose.

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The Feel Good Guide to Prosperity in Business and in Life with Eva Gregory

Have you long for, dreamed of or wished for more success in your business? Do you want more money, more prosperity, more success? We all want prosperity and success, whatever that looks like for us. The Feel Good Guide to Prosperity, is a radical approach to prosperity and success: it doesn’t have to be hard work! Tap into the unlimited prosperity of the Universe. America’s FeelGood Coach™, Eva Gregory, is a master coach, speaker and author and a the creator of Attraction in Action Vision Board.

Value and the Money Myth with Mattison Grey

What keeps us from accomplishing the impossible is not our mind, or our thoughts but our perception of our value and the myth about money. Explore the misperceptions about money and what you mistakenly think about your value. Once you see these things things clearly then you can take them on and truly create value for yourself and everyone around you Creating value is one thing, getting paid for it is a completely different conversation. Mattison Grey is a Leadership and Performance Coach.

Simple Strategies to Charge What You Deserve in Any Economy with Tom Buford

Founder, Charge What You Deserve

Discover simple strategies to begin charging what you deserve in your business starting right away. Regardless of what’s happening in the economy or the niche you’ve chosen, there are simple but effective ways to charge what you deserve with the utmost of integrity. Find out how!

Tom Buford, founder of Charge What You Deserve, is an author, coach, consultant, speaker, musician and skydiver. He shares marketing and fee-setting strategies with service professionals so that they begin to charge what they deserve and enjoy the businesses that they’ve been dreaming of. Using his techniques, Tom’s clients have been able to double their fees and attract more clients than ever before.

Charge What You Deserve Home Study System. Discover the only system available for helping you determine to the dollar what to charge for your services and EXACTLY how to get it! Easily add 50-100% Or more to your current fees And attract more clients than ever with the utmost of integrity.

The Energy of Money: The 3 Most Important Steps You Must Take to Master the Art of Making Money While Doing What You Love with Melanie Yost

Do you feel like there is a river of money flowing out of your bank account and only a trickle finding its way in? You are definitely not alone. Many healers and service-oriented business owners struggle with a love/hate relationship with money. Money, like everything else in creation, is energy. Your thoughts about it and your relationship to it affect how money comes and goes from your life. If you don’t have a good relationship with money, then you will struggle to build a profitable business. Make friends with money and harness its power to fuel your purpose and passion.

Melanie Yost is a business mindset coach.

Discovering the ‘You’ Inside to Guide You to Success and Abundance with Jennifer McLean

Everything you need to soar brilliantly and bring your dreams into being is already inside you. Just like Dorothy, in the Wizard of Oz, you can click your ruby red slippers and come home. Get ready to release and rock your abundance. This call is highly experiential! Jennifer McLean, healer, entrepreneur, author and speaker.

Do You Stand Out On The Web? The Naked Originality Checklist For Conscious Entrepreneurs with Suzanne Falter Barns

Platform Expert

If you are not nakedly original, not one thing you learn at this event will matter. That’s the truth in a world with 50 million blogs in it. Hook up to your own Trusted Source and build a kick ass platform around that very special gift you alone can provide.Think of it as niching on divine steroids. The more spiritually grounded in your purpose it is … the more hooky, and nakedly original it becomes. Suzanne will take you through a powerful checklist that helps you determine What you don’t know about your target market that’s hurting your bottom line Whether your brand is unique enough or not. The critical mistake almost all marketers make And why your business may be getting lost in the shuffle. Get seriously known for what you’re on earth to do, move directly into your next great work.

Suzanne Falter-Barns teaches coaches, authors, speakers and infopreneurs how to build platform and attract major media and publishers. After working with Suzanne, her clients have been called cold by CNN, Time, Sixty Minutes, PBS, Self, People and many other major media outlets. They’ve also been offered major publishing deals, and created successful six figure businesses. Suzanne has published two best selling self help books with the world’s biggest publisher, and has, herself, been featured in many major publications and in more than 100 radio and TV programs. She also has a 20-year history in marketing, promotion and journalism in New York City, including work with The New York Times Company, Hearst, and Conde Nast. She knows how major media and publishers think, and how to package your gifts most effectively to attract the biggest audience.

Naked Originality Checklist

Spiritual Pricing That Sells Survey. How to Set the Right Price in the Right Way So You Get What You’re Worth. Please take a quick moment to answer these ten quick questions, and let us know what you’re truly looking for. That way we can be of the greatest service TO YOU! And . . . as a thank you for filling out the survey, Suzanne will gift you with her 2hr audio series, Coming Out of Hiding. Continue reading “Do You Stand Out On The Web? The Naked Originality Checklist For Conscious Entrepreneurs with Suzanne Falter Barns”

Learn to Get Paid to Create and Host Events with Sponsorships with Shannon Cherry

Power Publicist

Imagine a company paying you to do what you already do. Discover the secrets to creating successful sponsorships in this new presentation from Shannon Cherry, The Power Publicist.

You will learn to:

  • utilize sponsorships to pay for a trip to an event, or even pay for YOUR OWN event, including live or virtual events such as telesummits and teleseminars
  • target sponsors who are willing to pay for reaching your audience
  • know what to offer that entices businesses to hand you money
  • and much more

Shannon Cherry is the founder of Be Heard Solutions. For more than 18 years, she’s helped coaches, consultants and businesses like yours attract more clients and make more profits using free public relations and marketing tools. A former TV anchor and journalist, and one of the top media experts and publicists in the world (she’s gotten several entrepreneurs and small business owners on Oprah!) Shannon is the Power Publicist. She helps business owners and entrepreneurs attract more customers through publicity and marketing. Shannon publishes the popular and highly-recommended ezine, Be Heard!, delivered to more than 8000 subscribers each month.

List Building Promotion Secrets. Stop struggling to build a list of qualified, targeted customers, while earning publicity and credibility. How to build targeted opt-in email lists, so you can convert them into paying clients… anytime you want.

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Social Marketing for More Traffic & Profits with Jeff Herring and Maritza Parra

The Article Marketing Guy and The Product Creation Queen

You’ve heard about the power of Social Marketing, but are not sure how you can use it in your business, much less find the time. Then let Maritza & Jeff show you how to leverage the power of Social Marketing to build a strong online presence, create traffic, build your list and increase your profits.

Maritza and Jeff began to use Social Marketing in their own businesses and with their own students and got tremendous results. So now they are combining forces to show you how to leverage the power of Social Marketing in your own business.

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Marketing Trends for Conscious Entrepreneurs with Adela Rubio

Host & Conscious Business Mentor

There’s a new marketing afoot in the world and it’s authentic, value-driven and engaged. Notice how many entrepreneurs now identify with the labels of soul-centered, heart-centered and conscious entrepreneur. The old ways of push marketing and selling for the numbers are out. Connection, community and relating are in. We’ll explore the top marketing trends you’ll want to ride to a purposeful, passionate AND profitable business!

Adela Rubio is a Conscious Business Mentor™ and Conscious Tribe builder. Her expertise lies in co-creating dynamic joint ventures and engaged communities as the primary way of getting your message out into the world. She is the Founder of The Conscious Business Telesummit. Adela is a certified Evolutionary Coach, a masterful facilitator and an experienced community leader.

Conscious Business Tribe. Monthly membership program to launch/grow your Conscious Business. Includes access to Conscious Business expert interviews, audio business bytes, and monthly strategy sessions/Q&A to get your business questions answered!

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