Self Doubt with Nina East

The problem with most approaches to self-doubt is, at best they are inane, and at worst,they reinforce feelings of self-doubt. Most self-help material on self-doubt suggest strategies that deal focus on surface issues and willpower without going beneath the surface to what’s really going and identifying strategies and keys for growth specific to your signature style.

But don’t worry – we won’t stop there. We wouldn’t want to be guilty of the same 90%/10% problem! We’ll take a look at signature styles (archetypes) and how they influence us, as well as provide keys to growth that help reframe and transform self-doubt. We’ll also take a look at some of the latest scientific research on “positivity” – and what most people do that actually decreases their positivity and sense of well-being.

In this provocative (some might even say controversial) look at self-doubt, Nina East, certified coach and Founder of, will lead you in a realistic look at self-doubt and the state of the self-help industry’s ideas on how to overcome it.

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