Simple Strategies to Charge What You Deserve in Any Economy with Tom Buford

Founder, Charge What You Deserve

Discover simple strategies to begin charging what you deserve in your business starting right away. Regardless of what’s happening in the economy or the niche you’ve chosen, there are simple but effective ways to charge what you deserve with the utmost of integrity. Find out how!

Tom Buford, founder of Charge What You Deserve, is an author, coach, consultant, speaker, musician and skydiver. He shares marketing and fee-setting strategies with service professionals so that they begin to charge what they deserve and enjoy the businesses that they’ve been dreaming of. Using his techniques, Tom’s clients have been able to double their fees and attract more clients than ever before.

Charge What You Deserve Home Study System. Discover the only system available for helping you determine to the dollar what to charge for your services and EXACTLY how to get it! Easily add 50-100% Or more to your current fees And attract more clients than ever with the utmost of integrity.

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