Sourcing Wild Abundance with Soleira Green

Sourcing Wild Abundance for Yourself and All. Life is naturally abundant … wildly so! Making money can be a magical creation as opposed to a dreary occupation. And the key to it all is to stop trying to achieve personal wealth for the sake of personal success. Energizing Life and abundance for all will bring your naturally abundant birthright back to you and your world in a multitude of magical ways. Money is a beautiful, wonderful thing, a way of exchanging your creations and of keeping your world in flow. It’s your old ‘personal’ relationship with money that’s been keeping the magic at bay. The key to wild abundance is to dance with it ‘collectively’. Soleira & Santari Green are visionary entrepreneurs who co-founded the Visionary Network, for coaches and trainers.

Soleira Green and Santari Green are visionary entrepreneurs and co-founders of the Visionary Network. You can explore more about their work on their website is and


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