Surf the Mega Shift Waves of Change with Soliera Green

There are loads of people talking about the big energy shifts we’re experiencing and mostly they’re talking about people being tired, feeling nauseous, dizzy, disoriented, etc. Well, there’s a better way to be with it all … a sourceful, alivening approach to your conscious evolution.

Energetic mastery is about being in charge of the energy flow that’s evolving you. And more than that, it’s about discovering yourself as the source of that flow. Yes, you are evolving the world, calling new frequencies here to uplift us all. Once you acknowledge that, get conscious of it and begin working with the mastery that is natural to you, then you discover that these vibrational frequency shifts create vitality, vibrancy and an aliveness you may not have experienced before. You become a magical, alivening influence on Life and on all that you touch.

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