Mastering Your Inner Game with Adela Rubio

Your ability to bring your vision to life is totally dependent on marshaling your inner forces and aligning them with your creative essence. We’ll explore how to shift your energy consciously by using resistance, judgment and assumptions as transformative agents. We’ll engage the potential of your problems and bring your business essence to life. Adela […]

Group Programs that Create Deep Connection and Authentic Community with Adela Rubio

Group Programs that Create Deep Connection and Authentic Community. The fast track strategy to building a following is hosting an aligned community. Explore these 10 tips to create connection and authentic community, regardless of whether your group is a forum, membership site, writing group, or social network site. Adela Rubio, Conscious Business Mentor and Expert […]

Build Your Platform with the Power of Partnerships and Experiential Online Events with Adela Rubio

There are loads of ways to build your platform, but nothing will create a viral effect for your following like engaging an aligned community eager for your solutions and partnering with others to turbo speed your reach. Adela Rubio, Conscious Business Mentor and Expert Tribe Builder.  

The Conscious Business Model: How to Partner Powerfully and Profitably by Aligning Meaning, Message and Markets with Adela Rubio

Competition is out, collaboration is in. The new business model for Conscious Business Leaders™ is now online. Just like the human body is comprised of organized intelligence, this new business model is dynamic, connective, collaborative and ever evolving. Toss out your blueprint and hang onto your scaffolding. Consciousness is expanding and a glorious adventure beckons. […]

Marketing Trends for Conscious Entrepreneurs with Adela Rubio

ADELA RUBIO Host & Conscious Business Mentor There’s a new marketing afoot in the world and it’s authentic, value-driven and engaged. Notice how many entrepreneurs now identify with the labels of soul-centered, heart-centered and conscious entrepreneur. The old ways of push marketing and selling for the numbers are out. Connection, community and relating are in. […]