Stop Selling and Start Sharing with Suzanne Evans

Learn How Your Marketing Can Be Authentic, Be Effective and Change the World! Discover how Suzanne went from 0 to a quarter of a million dollars a year in coaching by being herself and taking the leap to making a living by making a difference. Build your authentic business by incorporating tools for service solo […]

Be Yourself: The Best Marketing Advantage You Have with Mike Robbins

Mike Robbins first explores why it can be hard for us to be ourselves, especially when we are marketing and promoting our business and services. We all have fears, conditioning, and negative influences that teach us it’s better to be how we think we “should” be instead of simply being ourselves. He then presents simple […]

The 5 Layers Of Differentiation with Michel Neray

MICHEL NERAY Founder of The Essential Message® Differentiation is at the core of your business success. When it comes to differentiating your business, the deeper you dig, the better (and more authentically) you build your business. The stronger your differentiation in the market, the bigger your opportunity to stand out, make a name for yourself, […]

Telling Your Authentic Story with Carol Ross

If you are a solopreneur, your identity and your company’s identity are closely tied. Telling your story is a powerful way to differentiate yourself and your services in a crowded marketplace. In this interview with Carol Ross, career coach and wisdom entrepreneur, you’ll learn: How to shape your unique work and life experiences into a […]

From Purpose to Prosperity with Phillip & Jane Mountrose

PHILLIP & JANE MOUNTROSE Founding Directors of the International Association of Holistic Practitioners Discover the most essential element in your business: your life purpose. There’s no time like the present to get on track to prosper on all levels. With the clarity that comes with discovering your life purpose, you can move forward with confidence […]

Next Generation Branding with Bea Field

Redesigning Your Company by Building A Sustainable Brand for Our Future Leaders There’s every indication that branding in the future will be moving into a much more sophisticated realm — reflecting a bold new world where consumers and employees crave inspiration…they are saying they need something to believe in…they want to believe in their leaders […]

Finding Your True Voice with Ellen Britt

ELLEN BRITT PA, Ed.D. Online Marketing Mentor Ellen will take you through her three-step “Finding Your True Voice” process so you can quickly and easily identify which platform will deliver the most leverage in your business… giving you increased visibility, credibility and increasing your attractor factor! Ellen Britt is the co-founder of Marketing Qi, which […]