Influence your Market with Teleseminars and Become an Expert in your Niche with Ellen Britt

ELLEN BRITT PA, Ed.D. Online Marketing Mentor Teleseminars are the most powerful tool to position yourself as an expert and becoming a thought leader in your market. However, there is a skill set that is required in order to connect 100’s and even 1,000’s of people on a call. We’ll explore how the advanced facilitation […]

The Copycat Entrepreneur with Ellen Britt

Ever find you model yourself after the latest ‘successful entrepreneur’ only to find that what works for them won’t necessarily work for you? That’s the thing about being an entrepreneur, it’s your unique viewpoint and experience that create a breakthrough way of being in business. Bring your authentic self to the plate and you’re sure […]

Engaging Teleseminars with Ellen Britt, Adela Rubio and Kim Clausen

Meet 3 Teleseminar /Expert Interviewers titans in our coaching, healing and transformation industry, who are going to have a juicy discussion right here with us! Adela Rubio, Kim Clausen and Ellen Britt, join us to share their tips, tricks and wisdom that keep participants engaged on teleseminars. A very important discussion in this day and […]

Rock Your Expert Interview with Ellen Britt

Tired of spinning their wheels and NOT getting results with your Expert Interview? What IF you could learn the inside secrets and sure fire strategies to convert conversations into cash… * Engages your listeners with questions they NEED the answers to * Elicits your Expert’s Mastery AND Activates Your Listeners * Creates an Experience That […]

Finding Your True Voice with Ellen Britt

ELLEN BRITT PA, Ed.D. Online Marketing Mentor Ellen will take you through her three-step “Finding Your True Voice” process so you can quickly and easily identify which platform will deliver the most leverage in your business… giving you increased visibility, credibility and increasing your attractor factor! Ellen Britt is the co-founder of Marketing Qi, which […]

The Heart of Authentic Business

. Do you find that you mostly rely on your intellect for the choices around your business? Well you’re only using a fraction of your innate wisdom then. The brain is only one aspect of your built-in intelligence. The heart actually has a mini brain that provides access to heart intelligence. Stop using only your […]