Charge What You Deserve with Tom Buford

Charge What You Deserve Business Model Makeover. If you are a coach, trainer, or other holistic service professional then you are about to discover how to make client attraction and charging what you deserve easy by creating a simple business model that is in “flow” with both you and your marketplace. Tom Buford has been […]

The Feel Good Guide to Prosperity in Business and in Life with Eva Gregory

Have you long for, dreamed of or wished for more success in your business? Do you want more money, more prosperity, more success? We all want prosperity and success, whatever that looks like for us. The Feel Good Guide to Prosperity, is a radical approach to prosperity and success: it doesn’t have to be hard […]

Value and the Money Myth with Mattison Grey

What keeps us from accomplishing the impossible is not our mind, or our thoughts but our perception of our value and the myth about money. Explore the misperceptions about money and what you mistakenly think about your value. Once you see these things things clearly then you can take them on and truly create value […]

Simple Strategies to Charge What You Deserve in Any Economy with Tom Buford

TOM BUFORD Founder, Charge What You Deserve Discover simple strategies to begin charging what you deserve in your business starting right away. Regardless of what’s happening in the economy or the niche you’ve chosen, there are simple but effective ways to charge what you deserve with the utmost of integrity. Find out how! Tom Buford, […]

The Energy of Money: The 3 Most Important Steps You Must Take to Master the Art of Making Money While Doing What You Love with Melanie Yost

Do you feel like there is a river of money flowing out of your bank account and only a trickle finding its way in? You are definitely not alone. Many healers and service-oriented business owners struggle with a love/hate relationship with money. Money, like everything else in creation, is energy. Your thoughts about it and […]

Discovering the ‘You’ Inside to Guide You to Success and Abundance with Jennifer McLean

Everything you need to soar brilliantly and bring your dreams into being is already inside you. Just like Dorothy, in the Wizard of Oz, you can click your ruby red slippers and come home. Get ready to release and rock your abundance. This call is highly experiential! Jennifer McLean, healer, entrepreneur, author and speaker.

The Biggest Mistakes Healers, Coaches and Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs Make with Money and How to Avoid Them with Heather Dominick

Discover the secret to creating a healthy relationship with money, one free from fear and doubt that will help you confidently trust that you will always have enough. Heather will also describe how she successfully tripled her business and income three years in a row. Heather Dominick, EnergyRICH® Entrepreneur Success and Master Coach.

A Financial Course in Miracles with Cindy Morus and Jacque Smillie

Change your current financial reality from mounting debts, earning too little, not getting paid what you’re worth, or just plain feeling like there’s never enough into a financial reality of peace, joy and prosperity with A Financial Course in Miracles. Cindy Morus & Jacque Smillie, co-founders of A Financial Course in Miracles.