Energizing a Vibrant, Visionary Business with Soleira and Santari Green

Bring your business alive. Give it zing. Call others to it by energizing who you are and what you’re up to. Make a difference in all that you do. Tune into your business as an energetic consciousness and let it guide your creations. Fulfill your visions through an amazing, energized, new paradigm business that wows […]

Magical Wonders of the Cosmos with Santari Green

Explore the magical side of everything… Ask questions about your world (and the Cosmos!) and gain insight into the nature of who you are. Strengthen your knowing and transform anything in your life. Join us for a magical adventure in consciousness. Santari Green is a modern day Merlin. He dances with our interpretations about what […]

Quantum Emotion with Soleira and Santari Green

What if emotions were potential rising? In this call Soleira and Santari facilitate the experience of emotions as extraordinary potential. Transform your relationship from at effect to at cause and watch the rocket fuel of emotion power your world. Soleira & Santari Green are visionary entrepreneurs who co-founded the Visionary Network. They believe in doing […]