The Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here with Steve Bhaerman

The problems we see worldwide are indications that we are on the cusp of the greatest adventure of all time: Conscious evolution of our species into a new organism called Humanity. Explore the new, positive and optimistic view of our destiny, based on modern science and ancient wisdom. Steve Bhaerman is co-author (with Bruce Lipton) […]

Wake Up Laughing, and Wise Up Loving: A Heart-Based Platform for Conscious Business with Steve Bhaerman

STEVE BHAERMAN/SWAMI BEYONDANANDA Author, Humorist, and Workshop Leader In these evolutionary times, it is essential that the mechanics of what we do each day “in business” rest firmly on the foundation of where we are going rather than where we have been. We’ll explore what the community of cells beneath our skin tell us about […]