Do You Stand Out On The Web? The Naked Originality Checklist For Conscious Entrepreneurs with Suzanne Falter Barns

SUZANNE FALTER-BARNS Platform Expert If you are not nakedly original, not one thing you learn at this event will matter. That’s the truth in a world with 50 million blogs in it. Hook up to your own Trusted Source and build a kick ass platform around that very special gift you alone can provide.Think of […]

CNN Called: How to Set Up Your Coaching Business So the Media Contacts You with Suzanne Falter Barnes

. Recent studies show that 79% of all major media find their resources and story ideas from blogs and the Internet. So, yes, the major media really will call you… but only if your web presence has instant credibility and the ability to stand out from the crowded pack. Suzanne Falter Barnes, best selling self-help […]