You’re Perfect: Don’t Change. Just Adjust How You Present! with Maryam Webster

Business Psychologist & Expert at Transforming Your Inner Game

You’re perfect, just as you are! You don’t need to change a thing about YOU, just about how you PRESENT what you offer to the world. When you make simple yet powerful adjustments in your mindset and how you’re playing your Inner and Outer Game, you’ll automatically attract more clients, the right staff and other things you need. In this powerful presentation with Maryam Webster, an acknowledged master of the “Art of Inner Game Transformation” you’ll learn:

  • what you need to do to get past your inner blockages to feeling authentic about what you offer
  • a repeatable process to bust these blockages you can use every day.
  • the role of Serving versus Selling as the way to Authentic & Profitable Self Promotion
  • how to turn what you are doing wrong in promos, into what’s oh-so-right about you – just the way you are.

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